Slimming down
The fact that I'm rearranging my collections at the moment also entails a bit of slimming down. In the past decade my Wilhelmina collection has been at the forefront. I would say (and hope) that in the coming decade my Peacemaking collection will take priority and hopefully eventually pride of place. Seeing that my budget is not limitless (if only....) this does imply that I will have to scale down my Wilhelmina collection. Chopping off both the thematic bit and the overseas colonies bit was not too hard. That left me with the Dutch definitives, of which there are some five major ones and a few hangers-on. So away go the hangers-on (not literally, mind, they just get inserted into my general World Collection). But five major definitive sets is still quite a lot, for they span some 60 odd years. So I decided to first narrow it down to the ones I liked best, and those are basically the Veth issue of 1924-1940 and the Bontkraag (fur collar) issue of 1898-1923. Of those two, the Bontkraag issue will be the most interesting to collect, and I've got the most background information on that one, so hey presto: My decision was made. My Wilhelmina collecting activities will be focusing on the Bontkraag issue from now on. And so it was that I'm very happy with my latest addition.
When the Bontkraag issue was replaced in 1923, remaining stocks of the 3c and 5c values were overprinted for use as postage due stamps. And now I've got those in lovely blocks of four!
There are also two more values, which are overprinted values of the V├╝rtheim set.
Anyways, I'm chuffed to bits with these!