New beginnings
Here we go again!
As many of you know I've been hoarding stamps for more than a decade now, and it's been getting to the stage where it becomes quite ridiculous. So something had to be done. And something is being done! I'm rigorously going through everything I have and will get rid of lots and lots. Having said that, I will of course also keep lots and lots. So here, to keep my mind focused, is an overview of what's happening at the moment.
First of all I will, of course, keep my main collections: Wilhelmina and Peacemaking, and will keep adding to those indefinitely.
Then I will have to keep everything issued in Europe for my articles in the various stamp magazines. But that's not really a collection, it's more like heaps of stamps in stockbooks as reference material.
I'm planning to basically get rid of everything non-Europe apart from what I really like. I've started at the A and managed to fill a big stockbook with stamps I no longer want or care for, and I am only at Cayman Islands! So that's going well!
One of the best pieces of advice I got was to finally start mounting everything, rather than keep everything in stockbooks. And so I've started to mount five collections which (until now anyway) cover what I like best.
First up are the birds!
They are now confined to Birds in Scotland, as I have this great RSPB book with only those in, so that's my catalogue if you like.
Second is that wonderful omnibus set marking the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.
I will just collect those in basic form, grouped per printer. I love the design and the colours and they look perfect on a page!
Number three is another omnibus set.
No, not the 1935 Silver Jubilee which I used to collect. I've somehow gone off them a bit, so I'll not continue those. No, its the 1946 Victory issue. Again, a beautiful design. I will collect these as basic sets too.
Number four is my Definitive Collection.
This will comprise all the definitive sets throughout the world that I like. Again, I will collect these only in basic form, so no specialisation whatsoever. Not even overprints and what have you. Just the basic beautiful sets.
And finally, number five is my Champions of Europe collection.
This is the name of my monthly column in Stamp Magazine, where I write about European definitive sets. These I will collect in more or less specialised form, although I have promised myself to go from basic to specialised. That is to say, I can't go up a level until I've properly finished the level below. So no varieties unless I have the basic sets complete, etcetera. We'll see how that pans out!
Anyways, that's my life made orderly again, so now all I have to do is stick it!


Pablo (yo) said…
Great, it´s good to have you back!!
toon said…
Arjan, gelukkig kunnen we weer genieten van je verhaaltjes. en de prachtige scans! Welkom terug.