Yes, I bring you the final instalment of our Spanish Series series. And it is maybe the best one in the lot, it being the Paintings sets that were issued from 1958 onwards to mark the annual Stamp Day.
Every year, a set of 10 stamps was issued with paintings from one painter. One of the ten stamps always included a self portrait.
The beauty of the set is that the paintings themselves are printed in monochrome.
Unfortunately, this was later abandoned when paintings were printed in full colour. This immediately ruined the whole concept I think so I don't collect these!
It being Spain, you will expect to find a large amount of religious paintings. One of my favourites is the St Christopher stamp. The painting is by Ribera and the stamp was issued in 1963. A similar design may be found here.
In all, every set looks absolutely stunning on a single page and in this way a perfect hommage is paid to the nation's artists. Well done!


Lia Vieveen said…
It's a pitty that stamps with those beautifull paintings in real live only 2 x 3 cm are ;)
toon said…
It seems that this message is also the latest in a row. It is extremely quit here. may we expect more future articles from you, Adrian?