Spanish Mood (part 2)
So yes, the three mega-sets of Spain, issued over a number of years in the 1960s/1970s. We've done the Spanish Castles, which is my absolute favourite, and number two is just a very weak imitation of that set, and with hindsight I would not have included it in my favourite Spanish sets, but since I already have, I will pick out some to show you.
We're talking about the Tourist Series, which was inaugurated in 1964. It is basically just a copy of that castles set but showing various tourist sights in Spain. They're nice because they're recess-printed but design-wise many of the stamps are either too busy or just downright boring. You'll notice that I started with showing those!
But thankfully, as I looked a bit further, there are a few which are nice, or even very nice, so I'll show those as well, for we're all here to love our stamps, not criticise them constantly! After all, that's being done enough.
I suppose if you've been to Spain you might very much like the stamps with the sights that you've seen for yourself, which would make this an interesting series to pick and choose from!