Snowed in! Or iced in more like it. So even more time to spend on stamps and finally some peace and quiet to write on this blog. I'm still reorganising everything philatelic so I do not always have the time to write, but things can only improve! Maybe this is an early New Year's resolution!
Anyway, I am working on a Swedish feature, which seems nicely appropriate seeing the weather. And so I managed to lay my hands on a number of issues from the 1970s. Now as you may know, Sweden issued a lot of recess-printed stamps in those days. Thumbs up! And of course, many of these are engraved by Czeslaw Slania. Now he's apparently more known for his beautiful engravings of human faces but when I saw the 1974 stamps he did, which depict the inside of Stockholm's main post office, I was struck by their beauty, so I thought I'd show them to you.
I especially love the stamp on the left. Such detail and yet no overcrowding. A true masterpiece indeed, I would say. I once read that you should not enlarge stamps which are printed in lithography or photogravure as the image will disintegrate. But do enlarge a recess-printed stamp because it gives you the opportunity to step into the design and admire it even more. And I can assure you that it works on this one if you blow it up on your computer screen!
I'm also absolutely in love with his 1971 mail coach definitive.
Another non-human stamp, but what a beauty! Style, splendour and movement and those horses! Love the colour scheme as well, it all works perfectly.
So there's a few lovely additions to my very small Swedish collection. And very happy with them too!


Anonymous said…
Hello, Adrian.

It is a great finding of today - your blog. I love this stamp, by the hand of great engraver Czeslaw Slania.

My stamp blog is almost always no-human - but it would be great if you have a look.