Magical birds
I've just concluded a little swap with someone in Australia. A Gold Machin label for a few Hungarian stamps. They're quite common apparently, looking at their catalogue values, but I had never seen them before so I'm chuffed to bits!
The stamps were issued on 20 November 1913 with a surcharge for the Flood Relief Fund. This was for a flooding disaster (yes, even back then there were lots of flooding disasters!) in the East Banat.
The stamps are basically a reworking of the original Turul definitives of 1900. These were enlarged to include the wording árvízkárosultaknak külön, which I believe means surcharge (külön) for flood (árvíz) victims (károsultaknak), and the amount of the surcharge.
The stamp design shows the Turul flying over the Holy Crown (with the crooked cross on the top) of Hungary. The top values of the set (which I don't have) depict King Francis Joseph wearing that same crown.
The Turul is the mythical bird of the Magyars. Hungarian legends have it that this bird appeared in a dream of a Hungarian tribe leader, beckoning them to migrate and leading them to the lands which would eventually become Hungary.
So there!


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