British Philatelic Bulletin
I'm all excited. Yesterday I got my first article published in the British Philatelic Bulletin!

And that's no mean feat, when you realise I'm surrounded in there by such greats as Julia Lee, from the world's best philatelic magazine Stamp Magazine, and Keijo Kortelainen from the Stamp Collecting blog.
You know, I still can't believe that only a couple of years ago I was still in awe of all those people writing those great articles in the philatelic press, and now I see my name printed among them. It still feels so wonderfully good!
So never mind the gale force winds, I'm having a sunny day!
Downside? Oh, those deadlines! Better get back to work!


Anonymous said…

I received my "Bulletin" yesterday, and this is how I came by your blog. I susspect that you will get many more subscribers to the "Bulletin" checking these pages out over the coming weeks. I enjoyed your article, and I like this blog.


Pablo (yo) said…
Congratulations, Adrian!!!
Eric said…
Congratulations Adrian. You deserve it!
toon said…
Hi Arjan, you must indeed feel good about the acceptance. Congratulations!
Adrian said…
You guys! You make me blush!
Keijo said…
Hi Adrian,

It definitely seems to be a great issue featuring people like You & me :LOL: I just hope the mailman would bring my copy.

best from snowy Finland,
Julia Lee said…
Oh gosh, Adrian, I can't believe you labelled me a 'great'! You can keep saying that about the mag, though.
Let me add my voice to the 'you deserve it' crowd.