Encore plus!
Yes, as promised, here's a few more Monnet stamps.

The first one is another French issue, this time dating from 1988, to mark the birth centenary of the man. The stamps was designed and engraved by Marie-Noƫlle Goffin and printed in recess. Although a much more traditional stamp than the 1980 one, I like its simplicity very much. A beautiful portrait.

The 1988 Monaco stamp, also issued to mark the birth centenary, is much less impressive, I feel. The design, by E. Lacaque, who also engraved the stamp, is way too busy and colourful, distracting from the portrait. It is also pointless as one wouldn't have a clue why e.g. the cathedral (and which one) is included. At least I don't. Just the portrait on its own would have made for a much better stamp I think, for that is very well done.