Jean Monnet
Time for a fresh start! The summer months are always my quietest months, with an enforced (by me!) ten weeks at home. No trips, nothing. Great! Recharging the batteries and finding the inspiration to bring this blog back to life!

So we kick off the new season with my most recent acquisition, falling on the doormat only yesterday afternoon!

It is one of the stamps from a 1980 set issued in France, and it portrays Jean Monnet. I needed this stamp for my Peacemaking collection. In the aftermath of WW1 France was toying with the idea of economic cooperation in Europe, rather than destructive competition. The then French minister of commerce and industry, Clémentel, set up plans for this, but they came to nothing. However, his assistant, Jean Monnet, managed to breathe new life into the plans and it was him who eventually, after WW2, founded the ECSC, the European Coal and Steel Community, which basically was the first step towards the current European Union.

The stamp was designed and engraved by R. Quillivic.

Phew, well that was easy!;-)



Dalí ten Hove said…
Even though I do not collect stamps, that one I envy. I stumbled upon your blog as I am writing a paper on Jean Monnet's life and contributions to a 'United States of Europe'. A Great man he was, and amazing it is that you have an artifact testifying of his greatness.
Adrian said…
Hi Dalí,
Great! You reiterate my point that stamps are interesting because they reflect our history. Which is why I like them and collect them. And even though you do not collect stamps, I do hope you'll come back here in a little while as I will hopefully be showing you more Monnet and ECSC stamps!