They're here!
No, not the Poltergeists (sorry, but I am from that tender age), but the new French definitives, which I talked about here. Just got them sent to me by Eric, for helping him with his frog cover project..

I'm still getting used to the design itself, but they're slowly growing on me.

And here's the new version for the ecopli rate.

What do you think? Is it better/nicer than the head with background version? To be honest, I'm not sure yet. I think it might have looked better if it had not been in grey.


toon oomens said…
Ecopli stamps: poor outlook, slow service. I dislike them!
keijo said…
Tough question, Adrian... For some reason the "floating stars" disturb me more with the new background-less version. The contrast between the inscription and background is better though.

As for gray color...It feels pretty sweet on mint/unused, but I fear once you smack a cancel / postmark on top of it, all the beauty will be lost.