I've always thought it an enormous shame that the CEPT countries decided to let go of the "one design for all" principle. Since then, the CEPT stamps have just become like all the other issues, with nothing linking them together.
The fun thing with the common design is that you are so used to the stamps of your own country that those of other European nations always look fresh and usually much more beautiful!
As part of my "omnibuses" collection, I've therefore decided to collect all the CEPT stamps with similar designs. So that means basically all the stamps from 1956 to 1973, plus 1984 and 2000. And I must say that it has been a great pleasure to find these lovely stamps coming through my letterbox!
Yesterday two more sets came in, both from Monaco.
This one here is from 1965, the year I was born, so just that little bit extra special. The design is by Hördur Karlsson and represents the Europa sprig. The three leaves stand for post, telegraph and telephone (PTT), by which many of the European postal services were known. As with many of the Monaco stamps, this stamp was recess-printed, engraved by C. Haley.
The other one is a later one, from 1972. This design is by Paavo Huovinen, representing the Aurora Borealis, although it also known under the name "Communications". Again, this stamp is recess-printed, but this time engraved by G. Bétemps.
In think they're absolute beauties and they make me happy every time I see them!


euroswiss said…
Hi Adrian, if you are interested I have several "older" Europa CEPT stamps to swap. Just drop me a mail (link in my Blogger profile) if you are interested ! p.s. "Since then, the CEPT stamps have just become like all the other issues, with nothing linking them together." yes a common logo ! ;o)
Adrian said…
Hi Euroswiss!
Thanks for the offer, but I'm not much of a swapper. Usually have nothing to swap!
Oh yes, that logo. Mmmh, doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid. I'd say give me back those common designs and I'll be a fan again!