Sunday, September 18, 2011

In dreams...
What is it with that woman? Why is it that I'm always enchanted by Victoria on stamps? Must be something Freudian! But once again I just had to give in and get the latest GB issue from Royal Mail, featuring the royals from the House of Hanover. And that meant buying low value commemoratives which are priced at over a £1 each! Which is really not done in my book but there you go. I had to because one of the top values depicts Queen Victoria.
Isn't it an absolute beauty?! She also features on the accompanying miniature sheet but I cannot get those from my post office.
When I will win the lottery, I will mosty definitely build up a Victorian collection. Mint of course! Not necessarily specialised, just one of each. Maybe even without the overprinted ones, just the crisp beautiful designs on page after page... Sigh...
Not having done that yet, I make do with a used collection of an as yet very meagre appearance. What I also plan to do is try and find an old Victorian album where I can put those in. Nearly got one on Ebay the other day but it went for over a £100 and that was really a bit too much for me.
So for the time being I'll have to be satisfied with victorian dreams...

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