I've mentioned the ECSC before, the European Coal and Steel Community, founded in 1952 when the general idea in Europe was that economic cooperation was so much better than isolationism or even war. Among the top men involved with the foundation of the ECSC was Robert Schuman, then French Foreign Minister, after just having been French Prime Minister for some time.
To mark the 20th anniversary of the ECSC, Luxembourg issued a stamp in 1972, depicting a bronze by R. Zilli portraying Robert Schuman.

Just in case, like I did, you wonder why Luxembourg would portray him rather than "one of their own", I found out that he was actually born in Luxembourg, albeit more or less on the Lorraine border with France.
Another great item for my Peacemaking collection! Or should it go in my Engravers collection, under the B for BĂ©quet?!



Adrian said…
But it's cheaper to melt all the different collections into one, which is what I've decided to do!