I see green

Well well well. I only recently reported on a major change in the French definitives (see here), and here's yet another one! This is turning out to be a very nice and varied set!
I'm not totally in the know but I believe that for a long time there have been green definitives, representing a slower, surface mail rate. Now, these green definitives have become properly green.
The general definitive image has been placed into a leaf, ramming home its economic-friendly message. The publicity bumph glorifies the eco-friendly rate, as no airplanes are being used in the transport of mail franked with these stamps. Everyday users have, I believe, been grumbling for years that this rate represents mail taking ages and ages to reach its destination. But there you go.
I love the design, think it's quirky, and I like the idea behind it. And it's a perfect sideline in a collection of this set.
And what's even better: instead of the one green stamp which we used to have, the green stamp is now available for four different weight rates, in four different shades of green.
I'm a fan!


GBStamps said…
No airplanes...didn't we call that "surface mail"? Now the once-poor stepchild of faster airmail service is reborn as green mail.

Who would have guessed?

marcooni said…
French stamps always seem to be printed in draft mode how about some ink on those stamps
Anonymous said…
Less ink is part of the "verte" profile.