Purrfect (sorry!)

Just a short note today. I love cats and as such I've always been interested in cats on stamps. Downside? They're pretty much all horrific. I can't think of a single cat stamp I like! Until now, that is. For when I went to the Prestwick stamp fair this weekend, I finally found cat stamps I not only like but absolutely adore! They're a bit wacky, but they're so good and lifelike and great, that I had to buy them and I simply had to show them to you straightaway! (well, five days late but sometimes life gets in the way).
So here they are:

I wish I lived in Sweden! I would buy up to 1000 of that top right stamp and use nothing else on my mail for years to come!



Julia Lee said…
You're not wrong about these stamps. I love them too, because the cats are actually acting like cats.
Balkanstamp said…
All nice about cat - but this issue are not so great by design, I think that existed much better way to show us cat around on stamp!

best regards to all
Anonymous said…
I share your opinion with you on cat stamps. There are too many horrible ones! But if you like this Swedish stamps, you may enjoy my blog's cat category.


This group of stamps are not growing, because of the shared reason with you...

Anyway, I am so glad to find someone has same taste on cat stamps.