The End

Oh dear, the title sounds rather ominous, but don't worry, it isn't really.

Yes, it does mean that this is the end of this blog. But fear not: I have been invited to start blogging for Stamp Magazine, so if you like what I've done so far, I would welcome you heartily to my new blog, which you can find here:

Or just click here.

Hope to see you there and thank you so much for having been here!

Love you all!



Rick said…
Thank you, Adrian. I've enjoy this blog and learned new and interesting things about philately.

I'll continue to follow you on your new site, and wish you well.
Adrian said…
Thanks Rick, I'm glad you enjoyed it so far! Very much appreciated. Nothing drastic will change so I hope you'll enjoy my new blog as well!
Toon said…
die Captcha op je nieuwe blog is een crime! ik heb al tientallen keren geprobeerd de code over te nemen, maar hij pikt het niet.
Misschien maar een andere nemen?