Roll on 2012 !

Ooh, yes, 2012 is going to be a great year for GB issues! And I haven't said that since 1999! We had already had the fantastic news about those great Olympic definitives, which will be issued on 5 January.
I love them and even though I'm anything but a sports/Olympics fan and even less of a sports/Olympics on stamps fan, I think these are absolutely great.

But it gets even better, for to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, we will get a diamond blue Machin first class stamp and an absolutely stunning miniature sheet.
It's so good and beautiful that I don't even know where to start! I'm in need of a myriad of superlatives! And all the values are first class stamps so we can actually use them on our everyday mail. The sheet will be issued on 6 February, with the Machin in various formats issued in February and March.
Life is good again!


Goodwin said…
Unfortunately once you see that the Olympics logo is actually Lisa Simpson on her knees performing an indecent act on her brother Bart, it is difficult to see it any other way. And for that reason, I'm out!
Adrian said…
Yes, I think I see what you mean! Oh well, maybe that could become yet another new Olympic sport?